Dog yoga.jpeg

There's a new trend where dogs are able to take yoga classes with their owners. 

- The hardest part for humans is walking around in a circle and dragging their butts across the carpet.


Today's Mega-Millions lottery jackpot has grown to $586 million.

- Which is just $10 bucks more than desperate parents are paying to get a $399 PlayStation4 on Amazon, in time for Christmas. 


Someone uploaded the entire "confidential" Obamacare navigator training manual to the Internet.

- So now you can finally access info on Obamacare on the Internet!

- But then again people say you can't believe everything you read on the Internet...with the possible exception of what you read here on!


The US Government is considering giving Edward Snowden Amnesty in return for the NSA documents he took but didn't release. 

- ...yet. 

- They've also offered him a great deal on Health Insurance...which something tells me he's gonna need.


Another former Disney teen star had a naked "selfie" leak onto the Internet, only this time it was a guy, Dylan Sprouse. 

- Thus making him the first male Disney star to go public with out pants since Donald Duck. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!

-Duck. Uh...Dick.