Lions Steelers .jpeg

On a botched fake field goal attempt, the Lions blew a chance to beat the Steelers and ended up losing 37-27 yesterday. It was a hard blow to take on a hard blowing day.


Speaking of blow hards, 660,000 people in Michigan are without power. 

- I haven't heard this much destructive wind blowing since Toronto Mayor Rob Ford gave his last press conference. 


Schools aren't the only ones closed today because of the storm...many local businesses were affected as well. Here's a partial list...

- The "Bottoms Up" strip club in Romulus is closed due to all the dancers being blown off the runway. 

- "Boobs & Brewski's" is open...but will not be serving mixed drinks since all the little paper umbrellas were carried away in the storm. 

- Uncle Joe's "We're Always Open Snack Shack" is closed until further notice. 

- The "Just A Little Off The Top" Vasectomy Clinic in Warren is closed...but the drive-thru window is still operational. 


A man in West Bloomfield brought a home next to his ex-wife and erected a 12-foot statue with a middle finger facing her house. 

- She "erected" a 4 inch statue of something else that faces his house...but nobody noticed. 

- Good to see they're keeping it amicable for the kids. 


Butterball announced that if will not have enough fresh turkeys to meet the demand for Thanksgiving because some of the poultry has had trouble gaining weight. 

- Apparently all the girl Turkeys got together and joined Jenny Craig. 

- Or maybe the stress of knowing they weren't going to live to see Thanksgiving made them too nervous to eat. 


Pope Francis has been named the most talked about person on the Internet. 

- Experts say it's all those pictures he posts of cats dressed up in little Bishop costumes. 


Chris Brown left his "Anger Management" rehab.

- So he could enroll in the "Alec Baldwin Anger Management" program. 

- He like's Alec's clinic because it requires you to "punch the clock". 


The guys from "Duck Dynasty" have released a Christmas CD. 

- Songs include: "Have Yourself a Ducky Little Christmas", "O Holy Duck", "Hark the Herald Mallards Sing", "I'll Beak Home For Christmas", and ""We Three Ducks Of Orient Are". 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday. And as we approach the 50th Anniversary of the Assassination of John F. Kennedy this Friday, Nov 22nd, don't forget to check out my new Podcast #101, featuring personal stories about my experiences with JFK, as well inside stories about the assassination and it's aftermath by a friend of the Kennedys, Tom Delisle!