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The Tigers rocked the House! 

2 Games a piece - nice Bounce! 

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Still in race for Pennant.  

Meanwhile the House backed the Senate.  

Boehner Blinked. 

Obama Winked.  

Government no longer closed.

Debt ceiling rose.

Tiger fans elated!  

Americans still deflated! 


The Wall Street Journal says Americans will spend $2.6 Billion on Halloween costumes this year.  

- Costume sellers met the news with plenty of Chuckles and Snickers.  

- The majority of that money will go towards buying giant wrecking balls for those going as Miley Cyrus.  


President Obama said the coolest perk of being President is that he can call anybody in the world at any time, and they will answer the phone.  

- Apparently he hasn't tried calling a "Navigator" to help him sign up for Obamacare. 

- He added the best one of all was when he pranked Kim Jong Un in the middle of the night, by calling and asked how his short range missile was doing.  


A 63-year-old Washington sate man claims he has had sex with 999 cars.  

- As opposed to some Frat boys who claim to have had sex IN 999 cars. 

- This gives a whole new meaning to your car having "heated seats".  

 - He says he's not picky, but prefers "model types, with a removable top and nice headlights". 


It was reported that 16 and 17-year-old Kardashian kids Kylie and Kendall Jenner were spotted at a club getting drunk with an unidentified adult. 

- The only thing shocking about this story is that the "adult" wasn't one of their parents. 


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