After years of shaking down the City of Detroit, a months long trial and a lot of waiting, Kwame will find out today how many years he'll be spending in a Federal Prison. The activities got underway at 10am and are expected to go for many hours.    

Kwame Gangsta.jpeg

- Kwame says he wants to get it over with as soon as possible so he can get back to taking kickbacks from the guards. 

- This means he may have to postpone the "comeback" we "done set him up for" for a while.  

- By the time he gets out of jail, we'll have colonized the moon, Miley Cyrus will no longer be "twerking" because of a broken hip, and someone will possibly have been able to sign up for Obamacare.  


HUGE night for the Tigers! The final, Do or Die Game 5 against the A's starts at 8:07pm (our time) out in Oakland. Let's see those Bengal Bats Blazing!!!!!


The TSA now allows passengers to board airplanes with marijuana.  

- Well that ought to make joining the "Mile High Club" that much easier! 

- So now when passengers find out their flights are delayed, they'll be like "Whatever dude. Got any Cheetos?" 


Suzanne Somers slammed Miley Cyrus for saying that "sex dies at 40". Suzanne claims she and her husband have sex twice a day and three times a day on weekends.  

 - Upon hearing the news, thousands of men urged their wives to search the attic for their old thigh master. 

- Suzanne added that they would have sex more, but their pesky landlords Mr. and Mrs. Roeper keep letting themselves into the house! 


Lindsay Lohan wants to open a rehab center to help others with addictions like she has. 

- It won't be cheap, but neither are all the drugs and booze Lindsay's gonna need to make it through this weekend. 


An Oklahoma man was arrested on burglary charges and police matched his DNA to "used" toilet paper found in the commode at the house he robbed.  

- The official charge is listed as "Breaking, Entering, and Pooping".  


Have a great day and I'll see you back here with Podcast #96, featuring "Mr. Positively Negative" Friday!