They say behind every great man is a great woman… Well in my latest Podcast you get a chance to meet the woman whose been behind me all these years! Yes…my microphone-shy wife Gail, agreed to sit-in for my daughter Jackie who has a cold, and join me as my special guest. 

We not only reveal how, after a houseful of kids and grandkids Christmas Eve, we spent Christmas Day (Nothing says” Ho Ho Ho” like dinner at a place with plastic menus), we also share our different opinions on movies we went to see over the holidays. (They don’t call it ‘Les Miserable’ for nothin’).

Plus…we cover the latest from Hollywood… from Kim Kardashian’s announcement that she’s pregnant with Kanye West’s baby (I thought she was already showing until Gail pointed out that I was looking at her from behind) to Kevin Federline’s brother’s claim that HE is the real father of Britnany Spears oldest kid. (Either way, I think that boy got his DNA from the shallow end of the gene pool). 

And speaking of kids… North Korea’s Kim Jung Un’s very pretty wife is expecting! (Apparently he’s got at least one missile that actually works). 

We also talk about 86-year-old Hugh Hefner’s New Year’s Eve marriage to 26-year-old “Crystal” (The “something old and something blue” things the bride carried turned out to be her husband), the new trend in movie theaters - “Tweet Seats”, and how Hillary Clinton’s release from the hospital caused Bill to cancel some of his dates, uh…I mean plans. 

And if all that isn’t exciting enough, I’ll tell you about a new website I found that may have you thinking twice before you hire someone to do your weed-whacking, and I’ll share a bizarre story about an ancient exercise bike, a junkyard and yours truly. 

So grab your better half and take a few minutes to listen to me and mine in Podcast #68! 

Have a great weekend! 


Purtan Podcast #68