Purtan Podcast #54: "Radio: It's Going Through 'The Change' With Everything But The Hot Flashes"

Today I’m joined by Art Vuolo… who’s known in the broadcast business as “Radio’s Best Friend”. We talk about the heyday of radio - when people carried transistor radios with them everywhere and have now been replaced with iEverythings. We also take a look back — comparing how vastly different radio is today from the way it was. So many changes… some good, but mostly bad. And I tell two stories: One about a waitress who’s one pancake short of a stack when it comes to History, plus a true recounting of the time I sat next to 90-year-old Sonny Eliot as he heckled a stand-up comic… and the comics hilarious comeback. 
So stand-up - or sit down - and tune in to Podcast #54!
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Purtan Podcast #54 (43:47)