As the Olympics draw to a close…Jackie and I are joined by former “Purtan’s Person” Dave Zoran - who among many others, did the voice of Canadian Sports Reporter “Pierre LaFondue” on my radio show. We discuss what sports we think are hot, not, and those in between. We also take an in-depth look at Michael Phelps plan to try and improve his breast stroke (he’s got a girlfriend!) and ponder why Ryan Lochte’s Mom announced to the entire world that her son only does “one night stands”. 

We also take a look at “The Way We Were” as we mourn the passing of the great Marvin Hamlisch, whose music was featured in so many films including “The Sting”. 

And speaking of “Stings”… I recount my recent encounter with a rogue bee. 

So put on some “Off!”… and turn the Podcast “On!” Have a great weekend…


Purtan Podcast #53