Hard to believe, but today we air our 50th Podcast! To honor the occassion, Jackie and I welcome my original producer, on-air character voice talent and long time friend Tom Ryan to the table, for a flashback to my start in Detroit radio.  I’m talking the days when Top 40 AM Radio ruled the airwaves and Keener 13, my home for three incredibly exciting years, was King of the Hill. From Swingin’ Sweeney to DJ’s Swingin’ their fists (honest!), we reminisce about a whole different time in radio - when it was about more than just playing songs back-to-back… it was about entertaining the audience - or at least trying to - and having the freedom to do so! We talk about some of the earliest characters we did on my show (that still crack me up!). Plus, we explain just exactly how Tom went from being the station’s Switchboard Operator to my on-air voice guy. 

Join us as we hit the rewind button to what truly were the Good Old Days! 

Have a great weekend! 


Purtan Podcast #50 (32:11)