The star of “Hogan’s Hero’s” and “Family Feud” died over the weekend at the age of 79 after a long battle with esophogeal cancer. The witty Brit reportedly kissed more than 20,000 women while hosting “Family Feud”. 

- One hundred people were asked how they felt about his passing and the number one answer? “Survey says… Sad”. 

NOTE: Ironically, less than two weeks ago, my Podcast featured former “Purtan’s Person” Tom Delisle, who worked with Richard for years. Tom wrote more than 20 monologues that Dawson used during his frequent fill-in appearances for Johnny Carson. The Podcast is filled with stories - not just about Johnny Carson - but about what Richard Dawson was like as both an employer and a good friend of Tom’s. If you haven’t heard it, Just click on Podcast #44 on the homepage.   

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