It’s Podcast Friday… Today, former Purtan’s Person Joe Noune sits down with Jackie and me for a “rectangular table” discussion about everything from bizarre car-color names to Osama bin Laden’s secret reason for wanting to make sure VEEP Joe Biden stayed alive. Throw into the mix a few (true!) Parakeet stories, how John Edwards life is getting “hairier” by the second, and our unfortunate decision to download (and actually use) the new “Ugly Meter” App during the Podcast - and you’ve got some interesting listening. I don’t mean to give anything away… but a certain maniacal dictator actually came out better looking than the rest of us. So pour a cup of joe (I recommend Colombian - they grow such great coffee and great hookers there!) and join us! 

Listen to the Podcast by clicking here. (37:47)

Have a great weekend!