Hey… It’s me… “The Father of The Bride”! In today’s Podcast, Jackie and I re-cap my daughter Jill’s big wedding last weekend! It may not have been a “same sex” marriage, but I think even President Obama and Joe Biden would have had a great time at the reception!

Plus… with Mother’s Day the very next day, Jackie tells us about a very special gift she got from her 10-year-old son Charlie that warmed her heart and froze her “nether regions”! 

And speaking of “mothering”… TIME Magazine’s new “Breast Feeding Cover” is all the rage - and causing some rage as well, with it’s touting of “Total Attachment Parenting”. From NEVER letting your baby cry, letting the “baby” nurse well into toddlerhood, and letting the “little one” sleep in bed with Mom and Dad indefinitely, I think the doctor behind this theory should be put in a “Time Out”! 

From Wedding Bells to Baby Blues… listen in on the conversation right now! 

I hate to run, but I’ve got an appointment at the chiropractor. (Break dancing to that Lada Gaga song seemed like such a great idea at the time…) 

Have a great weekend!