Do or Die for the Tigers tonight in Game 5 against the A’s… They’re tied at 2 a piece after a 9th inning Tiger meltdown by Valverde. Verlander takes the mound tonight! First pitch: 9:37pm Detroit time. 


On the eve of the Vice Presidential debate, it was revealed that Barack Obama had been a guest at moderator Martha Raddatz’s wedding. 

- But she insists she won’t favor Biden since the Obama’s gave her a really ugly vase as a wedding gift. 


President Obama claims that he was just “too polite” in last weeks debate. 

- You could tell…expecially when he asked the moderator to give him some easier questions to answer. 


The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency declared that Lance Armstrong’s cycling team comprised “the most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping program” they’d ever seen. 

- Obviously the Anti-Doping Agency was never required to investigate Cheech and Chong. 


GM is hiring hundreds of IT workers in Michigan due to the increased use of computerized technology in cars. 

- Not only is the pay good, GM is actually paying all of their moving expenses from India!


A study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that Nobel Prize-winning geniuses are more likely to eat a lot of chocolate than ordinary people. 

- If that’s true, wouldn’t all women with PMS be Nobel Laureates? 


Country/Pop star Carrie Underwood says tht big hair makes the rest of her look small. 

- No wonder Marge Simpson looks anorexic! 

- This explains why we all looked so much thinner back in the 80’s. 


On this day in 1689 Peter the Great became Tsar of Russia. 

- When he got divorced a few years later Mrs. the Great admitted that he was more “Peter the Average”. 


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