The Lions disappoint again… But the Tigers’ magic number for clinching Division down to 1! Cabrera close to winning the Triple Crown! 


Aides to both Obama and Romney are trying to lower expectations for how well their candidate will do in Wednesday’s first Presidential debate. 

- Obama plans to make himself look good by having Joe Biden warm-up the crowd. 

- Romney plans to make himself look good by having Joe Biden warm-up the crowd. 


A new study finds that Republican women politicians look more feminine that Democratic women politicians. 

- Finally…the REAL reason why Bill Clinton always said he was willing to “reach across the aisle”. 


National Sausage Month begins today. 

- Former Congressmen Anthony Weiner will celebrate by tweeting pictures of himself to his former female constituants. 

- Want more info? Just follow the “link”. 


Justin Bieber got sick during a concert in Arizona and threw up twice onstage. 

- Perhaps he was actuallly listening to his own songs through his ear piece? 


A college in Spain is reportedly offering a class in prostitution. 

- Let’s face it…Prostitution is probably one of the only professions left where you’re guaranteed to make a living. 

- The professor was said to be “exhausted” after the first take-home exam. 


A study finds that couples who share housework run a higher risk of divorcing. 

- This confirms what I’ve been telling my wife for years. 


On this day in 1888 the first issue of National Geographic Magazine was published. 

- Later that day, thousands of teenage boys locked themselves in their bedrooms and didn’t come out for a week. 

Have a great first day of October and I’ll see you back here Tuesday!