T.G.I.T.F.F.O.T.N.Y! (Thank God It’s The First Friday Of The New Year!) And the burning question is… Are you going to call it “Two-Thousand Twelve” or “Twenty-Twelve”?  Okay, maybe it’s not a burning question, but we do ponder it in this, our first Podcast of the New Year.  

We also cover everything “under the Kim Jong Il’s Son - Un”! A pudgy 26-year-old dictator with his own nuclear arsenal… talk about a chick magnet! Speaking of “Pudgy”, my wife Gail joins us with info about a boxed brownie mix called “No Pudge” that lets you enjoy your just desserts without the fat!  (Think of it as “Tastes Great. Less Fattening!”

Plus… the story of a man who shot himself in the testicles not once, but twice.  Hey, some people like to start off the New Year with a bang! 

To hear all about those stories… and a lot more… just click on the link below! It’s just that easy! 

Purtan Podcast #24  (23:02)

Have a great weekend!