President Obama’s Labor Day speech about jobs here in Detroit yesterday was overshadowed by his opening act. Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa Jr., son of the late Jimmy Hoffa, caused quite a stir when he ranted that “working people” of Michigan and America were going to war against the Tea Party, that “they got a war with us, and there’s only going to be one winner.  President Obama, this is your army.  We are ready to march. Let’s take these sons of bitches out…”

- So now we know who “took out” Jimmy Hoffa!  It was his own son! 

- The last people who went to war against a bunch of Tea Partiers were the British and that didn’t work out too well. 

- Most of the union members missed the comments as they were on their scheduled break. 

Meanwhile, the White House says that President Obama was not on stage during Hoffa’s speech and didn’t hear his comments. 

- Obama wasn’t even sure which guy Jimmy Hoffa Jr. was until someone told him, “Look for the Union Label!”