Yesterday, the Obama Administration handed out another billion dollar-plus loan to two more green energy projects. This, despite the growing scandal over Solyndra, the solar panel company that blew through a $535 million taxpayer-backed loan and went belly up.  

- Obama’s 2012 re-election slogan will be “Can We Throw Good Money After Bad? YES WE CAN!”

- Basically “Gang Green” has set in…

Meanwhile, there are new revelations on what Solyndra spent the money on.  A neighbor described the factory they built in California as a high-tech, metal and glass Taj Mahal. The building was the size of five football fields, had glass walled conference rooms with cutting edge electronics, spa-like showers with liquid crystal displays of the water temp, and even robots that whistled Disney tunes.  

- They should have whistled “Muppet Tunes” like “It’s Not Easy Being Green”. 

- Apparently when they okayed the loan to Solyndra, the government was smoking “Dopey”. 

- I’d be “Whistling While I Work” too if someone gave me half a billion dollars!