Tuesday night, L.A. Laker Ron Artest (the guy who attacked the fans at the Pistons’ game a few years ago) was the first person to booted from the nearly celebrity-free DWTS. But apparently the show almost had a huge star: Bill Clinton revealed to Rachael Ray that he was asked to compete this season. The Former Commander-in-Briefs says his mother-in-law watches the show religiously and he thinks “it’s a hoot”, but he didn’t have time for all the training.  But he said that coincidentally, Hillary had just suggested they take dancing lessons. 

- The producers thought he’d be a natural because of all the tap-dancing he did around Hillary during the Monica days!

- When he said the show is “a hoot” he meant he likes all the “hooters”.  

- He actually turned the show down because he was confused by his attraction to Chaz Bono.