Tuesday, in a special election, the Congressional seat vacated by disgraced “Tweeter” Anthony Weiner was won by Republican Bob Turner.  It’s the first time the district - which went heavily for President Obama in 2008 - has elected a Republican since 1923.  The White House is downplaying the loss, but political experts say voters are apparently so fed up the current adminstration that Turner won 54-46 in a diehard liberal, NY Jewish district, even though he has no political experience.  BTW… Turner is a retired TV exec who created “The Jerry Springer Show”.  

- If I’m not mistaken, Anthony Weiner once appeared on the “My Congressmen Keeps Tweeting Me Naked Pictures of His Privates” episode. 

- Turner says that he’ll end every session of Congress with a special a la Springer “Final Thought for the Day”. 

- Weiner says he may be out of Congress… but he’s not “completely out of the picture”. 

- A Republican replacing Weiner?  The GOP is relishing that!