The man who has been stalking Jessica Simpson for years, Marce William Burchell, has written a book about their non-relationship.  It’s a 30 page self-published book called “The True Story: Jessica Ann Simpson’s 22 month long Attempt to Seduce A Married Man - Her Very Active Super-Secret Sex Life (Volume 1)”.  Burchell, who sent Simpson puppies when her dog went missing and challenged her fiance to a marathon for the right to marry her, says he didn’t write it to hurt her.  He claims he penned the “book” to help him heal emotionally from the “severe trauma and pain she put me through by her heartless cruel treatment of me.” You can get your copy from for just $29.99.  

- The book was supposed to be 60 pages long, but after she announced that she’s going to have a breast reduction, he cut a whole section out.  

- Jessica says she’s not going to read the book because she doesn’t know how to read.   

- Between this tome and Kwame’s memoir, my book club is going to have to start meeting twice a week!