Caroline Kennedy has agreed to give ABC interview tapes of her late mother, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, that Jackie didn’t want realeased until 50 years after her death.  They reportedly contain explosive revelations including Jackie’s belief that Lyndon Johnson and some Texas tycoons conspired with Lee Harvey Oswald to kill her husband and make LBJ President.  

-OMG! She though LBJ offed JFK?  

Jackie also says JFK had an affair with a 19-year old intern, found panties in a White House bed, and delighted in annoying her husband by retaliating with her own affairs, including one with actor William Holden.
 It’s believed Caroline agreed to release the tapes to keep ABC from airing an unflattering series about the Kennedy’s, starring Katie Holmes as Jackie. 

- Who knew Monica Lewinsky’s mother was a White House intern! 

- There have been a lot of comparison’s made between John Kennedy and Bill Clinton, but an unidentified source said, “Close… but no cigar”. 

- Tom Cruise had hoped to play JFK to his wife Katie’s Jackie, but he came up short.