Tuesday, Washington D.C. was rocked by a rare earthquake that was felt up and down the east coast and even here in Michigan.  There were early reports of possible damage to some of the national monuments, including fears that the Washington monument might be slightly tilted (It isn’t). It appears there was no overall widespread damage.  

- Just to be sure… they buried some Viagra in the ground around the monument. 

- At the Lincoln Memorial, Abe actually shifted a little bit in his seat… which was good!  He’s been sitting still for so long his butt fell asleep in the 60’s. 

- Turns out the quake was caused when Barney Frank fell during his weekly Pilates class.  

- Democrat and Republican congressional leaders immediately blamed the quake on the other parties “irresponsible fiscal policies”. 

- The earth hasn’t moved that much in Washington D.C. since Bill Clinton was in the Oval Office. 

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