Moammar Gadhafi’s 40-year rule of Libya is finally coming to an end.  After months of NATO bombing, rebels finally invaded Tripoli over the weekend and currently hold 95% of the city.  Two of his sons have been captured, but the last word from Gadhafi was a rambling speech in which he accused the US and NATO of targeting his air conditioning. 

- No wonder he’s rambling… have you ever tried to get someone to come out and fix your air conditioner on the weekend? 

A spokesman for Gadhafi insisted that thousands still support him including a female newscaster who pulled out a gun on the air, waved it around and threatened to shoot any rebels who tried to take over the TV station.  

- Who knew Katie Couric was in Libya!

- Charlie Sheen is already on a Libya-bound plane to start shooting his new series in which he plays Gadhafi called, “Two And A Half Mad Men”.  

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