French Actor Gerard Depardieu, star of the US hit “Green Card” boarded a plane in Paris Tuesday a tad intoxicated according to other passengers. Just as the plane was about to take off he announced that he had to pee. When the crew said that he’d have to wait until they were airborne, he reportedly stood up, unzipped and openly relieved himself in the aisle. The plane was delayed two hours while the crew “mopped the floor”. Depardieu later apologized, claiming that he was sober, blocked from the bathroom by the crew and tried to urinate into a bottle “as discreetly as possible”.  

- He many have something there… those mini-vodka bottles don’t hold very much!

- This is not going to look good if he applies for a real Green Card.

- Ever since the incident, he’s been the #1 thing “trending” on Twitter. 

- At least he didn’t drop trou and “go” on the service cart like some businessman did a few years ago.