It’s day two of President Obama’s bus tour through the midwest and he’s taking a lot of flak - not just over his speeches but over the buses themselves.  No other President has gone on a bus tour while in office, so the Secret Service had to buy two custom buses and outfit them with high-tech security equipment and armor plating, paint them black and add dark smoked windows, all at a cost of $2.2 million dollars.  

- And that doesn’t count the extra million it costs everytime they stop to get gas! 

- Harrison Ford is going to star in the upcoming film about the tour called, “Airbus One”.

- Bill Clinton plans to buy the buses when Obama’s done with them… and slap on bumper sticker’s reading: “If The Bus Is-A-Rockin’… Don’t’ Come Knockin’!”

- Joe Biden follows behind in a short bus.