Wednesday, police in Colorado captured the 3-person Dougherty Gang after a high-speed chase and a shootout. The gang’s crime spree began 1,730 miles away in Florida with another shootout and included a bank robbery in Georgia.  Their wild flight from the law became an internet sensation because the “gang” consisted of two brothers, Ryan and Dylan and their sister Lee Grace who happens to be “hot” and works as a stripper.  The web was filled with pictures of her posing in a bikini. 

- She gives a whole new meaning to “America’s Most Wanted”.

- When cops finally arrested them they slapped cuffs on Ryan and Dylan and strip-searched Lee Grace.  

- Hollywood is already making a movie about them called, “Bonnie & The Two Clydes”. 

- Growing up, they must have been heavily influened by Larry, Moe & Curly.