Still reeling from the Casey Anthony verdict.  It’s like OJ all over again.  I am stunned by the fact that she could actually walk out of jail a free woman as early as tomorrow. The consensus of the legal pundits seems to be that the Prosecution aimed too high by asking for the death penalty.  

As for the defense, they threw everything but the kitchen sink into the pot to muddy the water.  The defense approved by Casey, suggested that her father was the real culprit - as he had allegedly sexually molested her (Casey) when she was 8 years old and then later tried to cover up baby Caylee’s “accidental” drowning.  Talk about throwing Daddy under the bus.

When the verdict was read, Casey’s parents, visibly stunned, left the courtroom immediately…  Then went home and wrote a statement issued to the public saying “The defense chosen by Casey Anthony was baseless” but the acquittal was “fair”.  Huh?  

So who killed Caylee? Maybe we should ask OJ.    


On the lighter side, as promised, because this is a holiday week I am featuring some of my favorite cuts from our “Best Of” CD’s from my years on the radio.  What follows are two bits that I hope you will find amusing and are timely as one of them refers to the summer and the other, the 4th of July.   


Morey’s Camp Stories  1:09


Dick Dances at Home  3:24  (You’ll notice Big Al is using a slightly different voice in this bit - if memory serves, he’d just come back from a prostate exam!)


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Have a great day and I’ll see you back here with more “Best Ofs” on Thursday!