First of all, thanks for the incredible response that I received to last Friday’s very first Podcast!  It was great fun to do… If you didn’t get a chance to hear it, just click on …. And look for our next one this Friday, July 29th! 

During my pre-podcast days on the radio, the one group’s music that I undoubtably played more than any other was The Beatles.  Paul McCartney played a packed house at Comerica Park last night with concert goers paying hundreds - even thousands - of dollars to see the guy the girls all called  “The Cute One”.  Back in 1964, when I put up the money (with the help of 4 other fellow D.J.’s) to bring John, Paul, George and Ringo to Cincinnati during their first concert tour of America, believe it or not, the top ticket price was $5.50!  At those prices, we weren’t worrying about a debt crisis back then!