NY Rep. Anthony Weiner is still resisting demands from Republicans that he resign and is finding no support from fellow Democrats. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he wished he could defend Weiner, but he just can’t. Meanwhile, even more embarrassing details emerged Tuesday, as other women he’d allegedly contacted released transcripts of their sexting sessions.  In one, with a sexy Vegas blackjack dealer, Weiner compared himself to Batman, saying he was a “caped-crusader… looking for my sidekick,” adding, “Plus my tights really itch. I need a distraction.”

- He’s “Batman” alright… He likes to send photos of his man-bat to women across the country!

- It takes a big man to admit he wears tights!  

- When Weiner’s wife found out about the “Batman” text, people in the next room heard “BAM!” “POW!” “SLAM!” 

- Actually just like the real Batman, Weiner has a sidekick named “Robin”… But she’s a college co-ed he Twitters in Kansas.