After a week of blaming a hacker for sending a photo of a his “Oscar Mayer”, in underpants to a college age Twitter follower, NY Rep. Anthony Weiner held a bizarre, tearful press conference Monday to admit he was lying. As most suspected, he admitted that the photo was of him, that he’s the one who sent it, and admitted to having similar chat/photo exchanges with at least six women.  He claims it happened both before and after he married his wife.    

- Weiner choked up when he talked about his wife, and she tried to choke him when she found out what he’d done.  

- You know what they say about politics: “It’s a game of inches”.  No wait… that’s football. 

- “Weinergate” is in full schwing… I mean, swing! 

NEW YORK POST HEADLINE:  “Erections Have Consequences”