Friday would have been Princess Diana’s 50th birthday, so Newsweek has created an issue imagining what she’d be like now if she had lived.  The PhotoShopped cover shows a digitally-aged Diana walking with Kate Middleton, the daughter-in-law she never met. The issue details her designer Facebook page and her Tweets to the Dalai Lama.  Imaginary Diana is also now friendly with Prince Charles, has an iPhone, and an apartment in NY.  

- Imaginary quotes from the Princess  include one about Camilla saying,  “I’m glad Charles was able to get back up on the horse after our divorce!”

- The Dalai Lama is on Twitter?  Next we’ll find out he has a Zen-ith TV! (A little Buddist humor there!)

- When Queen Elizabeth heard about the “fake issue” she fell off her throne… and hurt her hip on the Royal Plunger.   

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