The TSA is refuting accusations that they forced a frail, 95-year-old to get out of her wheelchair at a Florida airport for a full body search, including her adult diaper when they found a lump around her leg they couldn’t identify. Upon inspection, TSA agents found it “wet and firm”, then allowed the woman to board. Unfortunately, the woman didn’t have a spare, so the 95 year old had to fly “Diaperless”. 

- The woman admitted she wasn’t that upset with the full-body inspection, saying she “hadn’t seen that much action since her huband died back in the 70’s”. 

- Despite the lack of a diaper, she said the flight crew “pampered” her throughout the flight. 

- So a 20 something man with a bomb in his underpants can make it on a flight from the Middle East to Detroit undetected, but a 95-year-old can’t fly out of Florida in a diaper?  You’re government at work!