Ex-porn star Ginger Lee held a press conference with her recently hired attorney Gloria Allred yesterday to discuss her connection to Anthony Weiner.  Lee said she followed him on Twitter because she admired his progressive politics and that they exchanged about 100 e-mails.  While most were about politics, he made her uneasy by occasionally turning sexual.  She said he wrote things like, “I have wardrobe demands too.  I need to highlight my package,” and “You aren’t giving my package due credit”. 

- His “wardrobe demands” apparently include bras and pantyhose! 

- How sleazy do you have to be to make an ex-porn star feel “uneasy”?

- She was okay with the emails until he asked her if she’d like a backstage pass to meet “Little Anthony & The Imperials”! 

- Lee says from now on she’s gonna stick with decent men.  Like Charlie Sheen.