83-year-old Robert M. Lee is charged with assault of a female paramedic on a private plane during a recent flight. Prosecutors say Lee grabbed and twisted the woman’s breast as she helped him return to his seat. When she asked him not to touch her again, he allegedly replied, “I can do whatever I want. This is my airplane.” He then told her she should be wearing a shirt that would allow him to slide his hand down it more easily. 

- She also claims that during the entire flight, his “tray table was in it’s full and upright position”! 

- To add insult to injury, he charged her extra for the emotional baggage she’s now carrying around. 

- Lee said “I can do whatever I want.”  At 83, I can think of a few things he can’t do… Number one on the list? Go number one.  

- The woman claimed, “He loves to fly… and it showed!”  

- This is the second guy I’ve heard of with a bomb in his underpants!