The World Health Organization asked scientists in 14 nations to analyze all of the best studies done on cell phones.  Their conclusion:  cell phone use is “possibly carcinogenic” to humans.”  Users showed an increase in two types of brain cancer but not others and they say it may take decades to really know if cell phones are to blame.  But just in case, researchers say it’s best to hold a cell phone a bit away from the body because they work on microwaves, and just as microwave ovens cook food, a cell phone might be cooking your brain. 

- In just a quarter of the time it would take to cook it in a conventional oven!  

- They also noted that you should turn around in circles while talking on your cell so your brain will cook evenly. 

- Apple jumped all over the news:  “Want to remember to keep your cell phone a few inches away from your ear?  There’s an App for that!”