Videos released over the weekend have shed new light on the life Osama Bin Laden lived for the last five or six years in his secret digs Pakistan.  Turns out the “Terrorist in Chief” liked to spend time watching himself on TV! The clip below shows him sitting on the floor - remote control in hand - flipping back and forth betweens channels, all showing coverage of himself.  You can’t see it in the footage, but I’m sure he was enjoying tea from one of the twenty-some “World’s Greatest Dad” mugs he got from his twenty-some kids last Father’s Day.  

He’s wrapped in what appears to be a weathered old blanket (Although it could be a Snuggi… “It keeps you warm but keeps your hands free to watch videos of yourself inciting terrorist attacks!”)  It’s amazing watching him play with his clearly gray beard (a beard that mysteriously shows up completely black in the videos he released calling for Jihad against America).  Apparently, the local Abbottabad Rite-Air stocks, “Just for Maniacal Madmen”.  

The piece, from the AP, also shows what appears to be the dearly deceased Bin Laden doing repeated takes of the videos he recorded for al Qaeda in order to get everything from the lighting to the wording just right! Look for the moment where he looks off camera as if someone just pointed out that he made a mistake.  I can just hear the “producer” saying, “Cut!  The teleprompter says ‘Death to America’ not ‘Wealth to America’ Osama!” Hey… everybody makes mistakes.  

I couldn’t help but imagine that at any moment, The Big O’s four wives would stick their head in the room and say (in unison) “Honey… Dinner’s ready! We’re having Camel-meatloaf with hummus, your favorite!” 

And is there any doubt that he occasionally wandered outside (in a bathrobe, black socks and sandals) yelling “Hey you kids!  Get off of my sand!”???

Watch the video and let me know what you think.  What I see is a pathetic, narcissistic aging madman locked away in a squalid room - trying to hold on to his “glory days” in the cave.  A room, I’m sure, just down the hall from the one the SEALS took him out in, last week.    

Some people feel that these new home videos showing “The Softer Side of Osama” shouldn’t have been released.  I, for one, am all for it.  If even one of Bin Laden’s “Loyal Followers” see him as he really was - not the well-crafted, well-rehearsed, almost God-like persona he presented to the world, but the older, shaggy, homeless-looking man we see in these videos, maybe they’ll stop thinking of him as a glorified leader and realize that he was just a worn out, graying, Terrorist has-been.  Probably not… but there’s always hope.  

I’m just sorry that now that he’s shark bait, and sleeping with the fishes, we’ll never get a chance to see him on “Dancing With The Terrorists”!