A London man, David Harding has an unusual monkey on his back:  he’s addicted to sausages, or “Bangers” as the British call them.  He easts 13 sausages a day and spends over $1000 a year on them.  He says he realized he “might have a problem” when his wife made something different for dinner and he “went a bit mad”. Harding has spent $3000 on counseling and hypnosis to try to break his sausage habit, but says he still can’t imagine life without them.   

- The British Call them “Bangers” because when you fall over dead from all the cholesterol and fat it makes a loud “banging” sound.

- Instead, British doctors are trying to switch him to something more healthy… like Fish ‘n Chips. 

- His wife is trying to help… She won’t let him “Banger” anymore.  

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