The Nazis did a lot of insane things, but the author of a new book, “Amazing Dogs” unearthed some obscure periodicals that show Hitler thought dogs were nearly as smart as humans and tried to train them to talk, read and spell to help the war effort.  Nazi officials sent dogs to a special school where they were taught to tap out signals and letters with their paws and to “talk” to their SS masters. One dog reportedly could type and knew about religion and poetry, while another allegedly said, “Mein Fuhrer” when asked who Adolf Hitler was.  

- Hitler was hoping to use them in the Nazi Luftwaffe Air Force to be used in dogfights but the dog pilot kept sticking his head out the window during training.  

- They ended up with puppies at the school after a German Sheppard tried to enter a French Poodle and the poodle surrendered.  

- The program didn’t work because when the dogs gave the “Hitler Salute” they fell over.   

- If the dogs were so smart why didn’t they kill Hitler?