Monday, radio evangelist Harold Camping finally faced the music… and the press… about his second failed Rapture prediction.  He insisted his math wasn’t wrong, he was just wrong in his interpretation “of how May 21st would play out”. Camping said he was wondering what was going on when nothing happened, but he now knows that Saturday was an “invisible judgement,” and revised his end-of-the-world date to October 21st. 

- By “invisible judgement” he meant that he wanted to become invisible so people wouldn’t make fun of his clear lack of judgement. 

- He also admitted that the batteries were running low on the secret decoder ring he used to calculate the dates in the Bible. 

- A lot of his followers are mad having maxed out their credit cards in anticipation of the world ending… including the US Government. 

- Mrs. Camping has often said in the past that she wondered what was going on when nothing happened!