After 25 years, four kids and two gubernatorial terms, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver announced that they’ve separated. Over the years there’s been a lot of talk about stresses on marriage such as her being a rich Kennedy family liberal and him a Republican, and Maria having to stand by him during his first election when he was accused of groping women.  Shriver reportedly moved out of their California mansion several weeks ago. 

- She tried to get Arnold to move out, but he kept saying, “I’ll be bock”. 

- Arnold is reportedly having a harding time getting a grope, uh, a grip on his emotions. 

- Wow… a Kennedy marriage ending in divorce.  I didn’t see that one coming. 

- In a never before attempted TV event, Maria Shriver will host a two hour NBC special where she’ll actually interview herself about the divorce.    

- When Maria told Arnold that her Uncle Ted had suggested the divorce, Arnold said “If he told you to drive off a bridge would you do it?”