Wednesday, Weird Al Yankovic revealed how he’s been jerked around by Lady Gaga to block his parody of her hit, “Born This Way,” which he just posted on the the internet.  In the ensuing firestorm, Gaga insisted she loves Weird Al and never even heard the song.  Her manager finally admitted he’d been speaking for her and she had never even heard it. Now, with her blessing… the song will be released. 

- So Lady Gaga loves Weird Al Yankovic… Let’s just hope they never have kids together!  

Here’s the video for your enjoyment…


BTW:  FROM WIERD AL TO BIG AL… Tomorrow we’ll bring you not one but two videos of our own Big Al on FOX2 dressed as Queen Elizabeth!  He/She tells all about the upcoming Royal Nuptials and his life after radio! You won’t (or maybe you will) want to miss it!