Former “Happy Days” cast members Erin “Joanie” Moran, Anson “Potsie” Williams, Donnie “Ralph Malph” Most and Marion “Mrs. Cunningham” Ross are joining with Tom Bosley’s estate to sue CBS and Paramount for $10 million.  The show is still in reruns worldwide, but they claim they’ve never seen a penny of the promised merchandise royalties from clothing, mugs, greeting cards, lunchboxes and more.  Ross says she realized they were being ripped off when her house went into foreclosure while people kept remarking on how much money she must be making from being on the new “Happy Days” slot machine. 

- CBS isn’t budging… They told Anson Williams to “Sit on it!”.  

- Considering the state of the financial debt this country has today, it looks like the 1950’s really were “Happy Days”.

- Maybe CBS is holding out so they can make them all come back for a reality show about this battle! 

- So the only cast member who actually ended up getting Rich in real life was “Richie”.