Tuesday was McDonald’s first “National Hiring Day,” when they planned to hire 50,000 new workers and erase the “McJob” stigma.  There were long lines of applicants at many locations, but things took a violent turn in Cleveland when an unnamed female job-seeker started a fight with another woman in line.  She was ordered to leave, so she got into a car, backed up, struck the restaurant owner, the manager and the woman she’d been fighting with.  She then took off, dumped the car nearby and is still on the loose.  

- I hope they catch her… she’s perfect for the drive-thru! 

- Sounds to me like somebody was a little McHormonal…

- If she ends up in prison, she won’t be “Lovin’ It!”

- Mayor McCheese was unavailable for comment as he was at a parole hearing for the Hamburglar.