“DWTS” judge Carrie Ann Inaba dubbed Kirstie Alley “the Queen of Unexpected Mishaps” after she suffered another disaster on live TV.  Last week her partner collapsed while dipping her.  Then last night during a waltz, as rose petals fell from the ceiling,  Kirstie’s stiletto shoe fell off as she twirled, leaving her partner to slowly circle around her while she struggled to get her shoe back on.  Frustrated, Alley later said, “Look at me, I’m supposed to act like a swan, and I’m putting my shoes on.” 

- I don’t think the shoe “fell off”… I think it jumped off her foot because it couldn’t take the weight!

- Thank God her bra didn’t snap or somebody could have lost an eye. 

- If they’d just invite one of those barefoot Kenyan Marathon runners on the show they wouldn’t have to worry about this kind of thing.  

- I thought the judges were real heels for marking her down!