Friday, the Washington State Senate voted 46 to 2 to strictly define “service animals” for the disabled.  Restaurant owners had complained that people were bringing in all kinds of animals, including pigs, monkeys and even a snake that a man claimed he’d trained to squeeze him when he started having a seizure. Now, only dogs will be considered service animals, with one exception: specially trained miniature horses.

- But if the miniature horse doesn’t come out of the restaurant within an hour – call PETA and have them check the “Special of the Day”.

- So this miniature horse walks into a bar and the bartender says:  “Hey, why the short face?”  (Rim Shot, please)

- There are several lines that come to mind about that man and his trained snake…but I’m going to keep them to myself.

And on that, I’m out of here!  Yes, Dick and Jackie return Tuesday morning!  Thanks Dick and Jackie for letting me “Web Sit”!  Be well everyone and remember, you can always find me at my Official Big Al Muskavito Facebook Fan Page.  All the best!

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