Hi, Big Al here sitting in for the final day for Dick and Jackie.  The dynamic duo of DickPurtan.com return Tuesday morning!  And now…on with the news…Saturday, about 700 people attended the Louisville, Kentucky, Visual Art Association’s “Bacon Ball” fundraiser.  The organizers were stunned by the high turnout.  They also expected only 25 or so entries to a bacon-themed art auction.  Instead, they were swamped with over 100 entries, including a carbonated soft drink made from a locally brewed ale infused with fat from pork bellies.

- It got so crowded at the bacon-themed art auction that there was very little room between the exhibits.  Only about, oh, six degrees of separation…Sorry.  (Insert your own Kevin Bacon joke here)

- Among the celebrity judges?  Mad Men actor Jon Hamm, Miss Piggy and Sarah Jessica Porker.  (Sorry, again)

- What’s wrong with this picture?…We can get 700 people to attend a “Bacon Ball”, but our government can’t find away to cut out pork?


A Parisian perfumer Fargginay may have created the ultimate cologne for men.  It’s called ” bacon,” (“bay-CONE”), and it smells like bacon.  Their website claims the formula was created in 1920 by French butcher John Fargginay.  A small bottle of “bacon” is now available to anyone for $36.  They call it “the scent of the gods” that takes you to “a new level of awesome.”

- Anybody got any leftover Kevin Bacon jokes?

- So if e-Harmony ain’t workin’ for ya, just slap on some bacon cologne and hit the singles bars…or your favorite breakfast joint.

- Other fragrances created by French Butcher John Fargginay?…Bris-kett, Ode to Filet Mignon and coming soon…Hamburger Helper by Esteak Lauder!



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