With Fat Tuesday behind us (and our behinds looking like paczkis), Lent has officially begun, marking the 40 day countdown to Easter.  It is tradition for people to “give something up for Lent”, and I’ll admit I had a hard time deciding what I could go “without” this season.  It’s supposed to be something important to you, so my first thought was, of course…

Salmon.  But I realized that me giving up salmon for 40 days would be like Charlie Sheen giving up Hookers for four days.  Not gonna happen.  As of this writing… I’m still weighing my options.

Meanwhile a 14 year friend of our family came up with something pretty amazing. Haley and a bunch of her girlfriends decided to give up… get ready… FACEBOOK! 

Now how they are going to go 40 days without knowing what each other is eating/listening to/wearing/wanting/liking/disliking etc… is beyond me.  I’ll have to remember to Twitter them and see how it’s going. But I have to admit that Facebook has really arrived when it’s something that people give up for Lent!

Are you giving anything up for Lent?  And if so… What? 

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