Monday, Warner Brothers finally reached their limit and fired Charlie Sheen from “Two And A Half Men”.  They sent his lawyer an 11 page letter saying that his client is engaged in dangerously self-destructive conduct and appears to be very ill. Charlie “celebrated” the news by climbing on top of a building in Los Angeles with some friends, swinging a giant machete in the air, while drinking out of a bottle he claimed was “Tiger Blood”. 

- One word:  “Winning!”

- His lawyer claims he’ll take Warner Brothers to court and get Charlies job back “By hooker by crook!”

- One wrong swing of that machete and one of the guys on the roof could have been the new “one-half” in “Two And A Half Men”. 

Charlie has also launched his own Web show on Ustream that’s a take-off on a baseball post-game show.  It’s 50 minutes long and is called, “Sheen’s Korner”.

- If somebody doesn’t get him under control, it’s gonna be re-named “Sheen’s Coroner”. 

NOTE:  Here’s a joke making the rounds on the Internet…

How much cocaine does Charlie Sheen smoke?  Enough to kill “Two And A Half Men”.