Charlie Sheen’s busy week continues… Over a million people signed up for his Twitter feeds in one day, and he continued doing interviews, saying things like”my enemies weep into your diapers in my rearview mirror”. But his earlier claim that he’s a warlock has ticked off a trio of witches in Salem, Massachusetts. They plan to hold a “Sheen-orcism” and use high magic to try to clear away Charlie’s negative vibes - although one joked that she’d rather “sacricfice him”. 

- Charlie is kinda like Linda Blair without the pea soup.

- They tried to sacrifice a virgin by throwing her in a volcano, but since she was one of Charlie’s girlfriends, the volcano spit her back out. 

- One million Twitter followers in one day?  That makes Justin Bieber look like a piker. 

- Ironically, Charlie refers to all of his ex-wives as witches…um… I mean “bitches”. 

- “My enemies weep into your diapers in my review mirror”… may sound strange but Charlie’s actually got a lot in common with diapers:  They’re both loaded. 

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