Friday, Charlie Sheen announced plans for a live variety show tour called “Violent Torpedo of Truth”.  And, lucky us, his first stop is right here at the Fox theater on April 2nd .  Tickets for that show, and a second one in Chicago sold out in a record 18 minutes, so now there’s talk of expanding the show to 30 stops in America, plus “performances” in Europe and Australia.

- And we all know Charlie likes to perform!

- One of his porn-star girlfriends said the show will last about “Two and A Half Minutes”. 

- Why would anyone pay good money to see Charlie on stage when you can see him on TV 24 hours a day for free? 

- They say a lot of performers die on stage… and it Charlie’s case it could happen.  Literally. 

- The “Spiderman” show on Broadway had to be cancelled because all of the actors kept getting stuck high in the air; in this production the only one “high” will be Charlie!

- Charlie will arrive on stage in a chariot pulled by six hookers.  

- It will be a lot like the old Ed Sullivan Show, except Topo Gigio will be replaced by Andrew Dice Clay.

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