The blog quotes an unnamed insider who claims that the reason Charlie Sheen plans to sue CBS and Warner Brothers is because despite making nearly $2 million an episode for “Two And A Half Men”, he didn’t invest wisely and is “cash poor”. 

- He can always fall back on his 401 K-ilo of coke.

- Why doesn’t he just put his “previously enjoyed” collection of porn on E-Bay?  

- He put all his money up his nose, so now he’s gotta take it on the chin.    

But there is good news… The porn company Vivid Video has offered Charlie a job directing a sex tape starring three of his ex-girlfriends and so far over 74 thousand people have applied to be his intern. 

- That’s 73,999 more people than applied to be an intern for Kevin Federline.

- Bill Clinton has asked Charlie for copies of all the applicants resumes.   

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